Blog Prompt # 15

Blog Prompt # 15: for the week of December 5-9

This week’s prompt asks you to reflect upon the ways the course has challenged you to think about the intersections between new media technology and the written word. Revisit the course goals in our syllabus before reflecting upon any or all of the following: What is the most valuable insight you have gained from studying writing within the context of new media? How did you find using the theme of adaptation for studying writing and new media worked as a lens through which to interrogate the issues we have addressed together throughout the semester? How do you feel the genre of vampire and werewolf adaptations served our purpose in the course? Might looking at adaptation in a broader context have been equally or more productive?
How do you feel about the overall success of the course? What was most helpful to you? What would you like to have seen done differently?

Respond to this prompt in your individual course blog by Saturday, December 10.
***REMINDER*** Saturday, December 10 is the last day to submit blog responses. If your blog responses do not total 10 (ten) by December 10, you will receive credit only for those responses you have submitted. Missed responses will be given a 0 and cannot be made up.

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Blog Prompt # 14

blog Prompt # 14: for the week of November 28-December 2

This week’s prompt asks you to consider our final novel and screening within the context of the course theme of adaptation and appropriation.

After reading and viewing “Twilight,” consider and reflect upon either of the following:
1- the ways in which this adaptation draws upon and/or departs from the Vampiric literary and film tradition we have considered throughout the semester. Which vampire stories and/or adaptations seem to have most influenced Stephenie Meyer’s writing of the Twilight Saga?

2- how the film operates according to the adaptation theories of fidelity and infidelity as discussed by Julie Sanders. Is “Twilight” the film a faithful adaptation or one that shows evidence of artistic/creative departure? If the latter, do those departures enrich or detract from the quality of the adaptation?

respond to this prompt in your individual course blog by Saturday, December 3.

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Blog Prompt # 13

Blog Prompt # 13: for the week of November 21-25

This week’s prompt asks you to continue thinking about the ways that technology both enriches and complicates the way we write.

Read the following Word Press blog post: Longhand in which a writer shares a recent experience about writing long-hand after growing accustom to resorting to computers.

When you begin a writing project, how do you choose to record your ideas: in long-hand or type? What are the benefits of each method? In what ways might writing by hand as opposed to typing challenge us to engage more critically and actively with the ideas we’re conveying?

Suggestion: consider writing your response to this blog post by hand before transcribing it on Did you notice any marked difference in the quality of your writing, either positive or negative? Explain.

Respond to this prompt in your individual course blog by Saturday, November 26

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Week Sixteen Schedule

Week Sixteen: December 5-9

Monday- Jessica Sheffield, “Biting Back: Twilight Anti-fandom and the Rhetoric of Superiority”; discuss Twilight

Wednesday- draft of final essay due; peer-review; course wrap-up

Thursday- Reading day: no class

Friday- Reading day: no class

** Last day to submit blog responses: Saturday, December 10

** Final essays due: Tuesday, December 13, by 5 P.M

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Week Fifteen Schedule

Week Fifteen: November 28-December 2

Monday- Presentations: group 1: Alicia, Ellis, Joe, Laneisha, Paul

Wednesday- Presentations: group 2: Lindsey, Leigh, David, Alexx

Thursday- Screening: “Twilight” continued

Friday- Presentations: group 3: Audrey, Ryan, Michael; group 4: Karina, Olivia, Raju, Appiffany

** last day to submit individual essay for project: Friday, December 2, by 5 P.M

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Week Fourteen Schedule

Week Fourteen: November 21-25

Monday- Twilight (finish novel); begin screening of “Twilight” (2008)

Wednesday- NO class

Thursday- NO class: Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday- NO class

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Final Paper Guidelines

Final Paper: 1200 words, 25 %, due Tuesday, December 13

For your final essay, you may focus on any topic of your choosing having to do with the course themes of new media and adaptation as informing and enriching writing. As the culminating assignment of the course, your essay should show a thorough application of the concepts and theories you have honed throughout the semester as well as demonstrating the skills of academic research and writing.

You are required to incorporate at least one (1) outside source into your essay other than our course textbook. The research you incorporate must be from a valid, academic source, such as a book, scholarly journal, or newspaper, either in print or accessed via the library’s online database system. You *may not* cite research from Wikipedia or a .com source.

Your essay must be double-spaced, in 12 point font, Times New Roman, and at least 1200 words in length. Use MLA style of documentation when citing sources, and be sure to include a properly-formatted works cited page.

Your essay is due no later than 5 P.M on Tuesday, December 13, in the appropriate E-Learning drop box. Late work *will not* be accepted.

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